The Banking Card Game was developed by the OTP Fay Andras Foundation ( established in 1992. The founder and sponsor of the Foundation is the OTP Bank (, the market leader in Hungary and important banking service provider in nine Central and Eastern European countries. OTP Fay Andras Foundation’s core activity is providing age- specific financial literacy education which is not available in public education for children between ages 7-18. The 37 different 2,5-4,5 hours training sessions cover 185 financial, economic, management and career development topics ( All trainings are based on entertaining education and inspirational pedagogy developed by the Foundation. In 2012 the Foundation established the OK Educational Centre ( in Budapest. Since then more than one hundred thousand children attended the nationwide financial education courses of the Foundation in Hungary and ten thousand in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The Foundation provides professional support for its Centre in Nyíregyháza and the OK Educational Centre in Romania. The Foundation has successfully carried out a career orientation programme „Going beyond borders” and „Knowledge development about EU” in the framework of Erasmus+ projects.

The Foundation has been developing the educational aids and tools used in the course of trainings. One of its most successful educational product is the Banking Card Game, which has become a perfect entertaining educational aid for children and interested adults all over the world.

Banking is a fun and simple way to familiarize students to basics of financial education.

Kokoa agency Finland 2017.